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The Glueck Analytics product is fully deployable package that includes a camera, software and a dashboard link to help you measure the emotions of your shoppers. The innovative aspect behind Glueck Analytics is the patent pending state of the art technology which uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning Algorithm processes information in a real time environment, by taking a snapshot every few microseconds and the program analyse facial elements. Then the magic of Glueck Analytics Core processes the information against a proprietary database of known facial demographics which includes emotion ,ethnicity, age and gender .

Quantified OOH


Audience Metrics


Measure your audience emotional response. Neutral, Happy, Sadness, Disgust, Surprised, Fear and Contempt.


Measure your target audience ethnicity. African, Asian, Caucasian.


Measure your target audience age group. Child, Young Adult, Adult and Senior.


Measure your target audience Gender. Male and Female.

Attention Time

Measure your target audience attention time.


Opportunity  To See (OTS) – Average footfall in front of your screen.

People Count

Total count of your audience who has viewed your screen.

Conversion Ratio

Measures  effectiveness of your screen.


Respectful of your audience’s privacy and is completely anonymous.

Peak Hours

Measure high traffic locations for your campaign.

Cloud Infrastructure

View your audience demographics in real time using our A3 Analytics.

Rest API

Seamlessly integrate rich data set in any format.


  • Targeted smart campaign.
  • Measure your audience demographics.
  • Improve pricing of your ad inventory.
  • Optimize content placement for maximum exposure and time to display.
  • Re-positioning or re-branding.

People Counted


Faces Analyzed


About Us

We are a collective group of people with passion, energy and focus. We are a high technology company bringing businesses and innovative emotion analysis technologies together. We have the best talent in the world, that is headed by experienced team leaders that have decades of experience and real world knowledge. Our staff are dedicated professionals in their fields and work diligently to bring you the very best products for your business.

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