The Magic behind Our Product

The magic behind our technology stems from Computer Vision, Artificial intelligence and Deep Machine learning to power our Glueck product suite. Glueck combines elements of software and hardware to make an awesome package for you. The beauty of the whole suite is the simple set up and execution of the suite. The user experience is simple and friendly, almost like a magical appeal to it. You can focus on creating better ads, attracting new OOH advertisers or reducing wasted time for inefficient ads.

Set up Glueck Analytics and access your data through our Glueck Analytics hosted in our cloud infrastructure. The dashboard is simple and easy to use.We work behind the scenes to keep the suite running at its fullest potential. Glueck Analytics is safe and dependable, easy to deploy on or off site for your business. There are no long training hours and the maintenance is simple.


1. Capture


2. Process


3. Analysis

The Technology Evolution

Over a course of product lifetime, technology will evolve. Such as in the case of computers, there was the Cray, then desktop, laptop, all in ones and tablets. Our team stays ahead by refining and defining the barriers of the technology in our suites. We lead the tech evolution, where others are playing catch up. We have patents in the work for other products, soon to be launched in the near future. We work hard at providing the best business solution, so your company does not miss a heartbeat. You can expect great things from us, either as a fan, consumer or as an investor. We stand behind our customer first initiative, and through this we stand behind our product.

Through dedicated research, development and investments, we can and will reach our goals. We personally invite you to come along with us on the technology evolution journey. Glueck Analytics is the only the beginning in series of planned product suites. Come and join us, see what we can do for your business. Now is the time to evolve and lead the way. Is your business ready for Glueck Analytics? Do you want to target your audience better? Do you want transparency for your media business? The Glueck Analytics will help direct you in the right direction. Inquire today with your questions, our investment opportunity or request additional information about our product. Today is a day and now is when we lead.

About Us

We are a collective group of people with passion, energy and focus. We are a high technology company bringing businesses and innovative emotion analysis technologies together. We have the best talent in the world, that is headed by experienced team leaders that have decades of experience and real world knowledge. Our staff are dedicated professionals in their fields and work diligently to bring you the very best products for your business.

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