Glueck Traffic – Intelligent Vehicle Flow & Recognition 

Count-Classify-Report with Glueck Traffic

This technology counts and classifies vehicles on the road & generates reports available 24 hours a day on multi-directional vehicles anywhere.
Glueck Traffic can be installed anywhere to give real-time insight for parking management, infrastructure planning and traffic monitoring.

How Glueck Traffic works

Glueck Traffic is a slimmed down version of Glueck Analytics which can count, classify and report on vehicles. The device is installed on site by our team of experts; which includes an analytics box and a camera chosen based on clients’ requirements. Once installed, the device communicates the data collected on-site to the cloud in REAL-TIME. Once the data is on the cloud, users can access the web interface to run reports or schedule reports. The device is designed to run 24/7 with little to no downtime so no data is lost at any time.

Our Data Analysis

Vehicles Counted


Estimated Eyeballs


The Technology Behind

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