Glueck Partnership Programs

We are aware of the importance of partnership networking. We can grow with our partners, we can spread out our technology and brand name “Glueck” to all over the world. We are aggressively looking for new partners from every part of the world.

Glueck Certified Partners Benefit

  1. Product Training (Skype).
  2. Access partner only resources for training, marketing, sales and technical support.
  3. Receive new product announcements before products are launched.
  4. Access to partner only first level priority technical support (Email).

Distributors buy products from Glueck and sell them in their region. Customer support and all product support are given by Glueck. Distributor responsibility is to sell Glueck products effectively. Distributors get sales commission from each sale.


1.    Sign up NDA and Distributorship agreement (Initial for one year and then renewed every three years)

System integrators are Glueck-trained development partners. They provide excellent integration of Glueck-products with other systems. They work directly with end users from design to Maintenance. We provide them our core engine components, Glueck development framework, Product SDKs whichever is appropriate for system integrators.


1.    Sign up NDA

2.    Discuss details of product details which Integrator desires to integrate using Glueck technology .

Glueck works tightly with several OEM manufacturing companies such as camera manufacturers, System companies, and software vendors. OEM companies can be Hardware manufacturers or software companies which want to have their own products. OEM companies integrate Glueck Core Engine into their own products with their company logo and brand name.


1.    Sign up NDA, sign up OEM partnership agreement.
2.    Discuss details of product details which OEM partner wants to develop product based on Glueck technology.
3.    After product development, sign up support agreement.

System Solution partners develop their solutions based on Glueck  products and propose their unique solutions to their clients. These solutions normally solve a problem of customer which is unique for that specific customer. Solution partners develop solutions for these local problems in the region. Glueck helps them to do so.


1.    Sign up NDA and Solution partnership agreement(Initial for one year and then renewed every three years)
3.    Share Glueck solutions with your customer.
4.    Do partner training in every three months(Webinar)

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