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60% of Customers have not completed an intended purchase based on a poor customer service experience which translates into an estimated $83 billion in lost sales for Retailers

Glueck  CE monitors Customer Demographics and their experience in real-time. Glueck’s powerful analytics engine displays and reports the data against key performance indicators. Enabling Businesses such as Retail Outlets, Service Centers, Banks & Shopping Malls to gain insights on Customer Behaviors 

Customer Demographics & Sentiment Analysis

Analyses Customers’  gender, age-group, and their sentiments in-store

Face Recognition

Detects Repeat Customers & Alerts Security

Productivity Index

Tracking & Monitoring of Staff Engagement

Conversion Ratio of Customers to Sales

Cross-selling Opportunities  

Integrate Customer Face Data with CRM 

Effectiveness of Advertising Campaigns

Identify New Customers after advertising campaigns 

Data Analytics

Cloud-based Dashboard easily accessible anywhere

Delivering the Edge in Retail Business

Leverage on Advanced Analytics to Provides more personalized engagement

Transition Sales Activities from Reactive to Proactive

Opportunity to Cross-sell to customers

Heat-Mapping to Allocate Optimum number of Staff for Better Customer Service

Deliver Positive Customer Experience 

Identify Repeat Customers, VIPs, & Shoplifters

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