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Safeguard Your Business With Glueck Secure

Glueck Secure is a a facial recognition system for identifying persons from a digital image or video.

The purpose of Glueck Secure is to provide a security solution for managing access control in any business premise using means of Computer Vision Technology. It is an integrated solution consisting of cameras installed at entry and exit points, access control management system and web monitoring tool.

Apart from providing a security layer for the premise, the data collected from all entry and exit activities is analysed to provide further insights such as employee attendance, how often do they leave the office and how much time do employees spend outside office.

Features of Glueck Secure

Comprehensive and integrated security solution using facial bio-metrics technology:


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We are a collective group of people with passion, energy and focus. We are a high technology company bringing businesses and innovative emotion analysis technologies together. We have the best talent in the world, that is headed by experienced team leaders that have decades of experience and real world knowledge. Our staff are dedicated professionals in their fields and work diligently to bring you the very best products for your business.

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