Mr. Albert Charles Vincent

Mr. Alberrt Alexander

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer.

Albert is experienced in managing the Banking Business as well as developing banking solutions. He has obtained Qualifications in Software Development Life-cycle, project planning, Quality Assurance, Systems Analysis, Release Management, Development Practices, Problem Resolution and User Interface Design. Was primarily involved in developing retail banking solutions, front end delivery systems, CRMs , BI and moving the Bank into an integrated banking system and project managed five bank’s system integration resulting from mergers.

Mr. Han

Mr. Han


Han is experienced in banking operations credit and branch management. He has also a proven track record of project management of ICT projects. He is a graduate from Iowa State University, USA.

Mr. Joe Alexander

Director, Vice President - Strategy Planner.

Joe Alexander is An Operations & Strategy Consultant who is focused on the return of investment for companies in creating efficiencies in production through automation, integration of information and systems and establishing best practices in the field and head office for Oil and Gas Companies.

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A multi-faceted experience in several disciplines in many companies enables innovative approaches and “connecting the dots” in creating value for companies. Excellent communication skills and a proven track record of transforming companies for culture change in operations excellence by reducing costs and increasing profits.

He has more than 30 years of experience in Oil and Gas Industry working at every level – from operators in the field to executives – in formulating and planning strategies for improving cash flow and profit. Strength is in managing projects by meeting deliverable on time and bringing most projects to successful conclusions. Specialised in operations excellence, implementation of technology for operations – fields, Gas Plants, Batteries and Upgrades – and production optimisation. 

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Mr. Ram Anand Hunt


Ram has experience in project management and project delivery. He was a Senior Manager in a French Multinational company. Ram has been involved in conceptualizing and managing complex projects internationally including projects in Malaysia, India, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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