Glueck – Pandemic Tracker

Glueck Pandemic Tracker is a facial recognition system for identifying persons and their forehead temperature.

It is an integrated solution consisting of cameras installed at entry and exit points, access control management system, and web monitoring tool.

Current Challengers

Currently, commercial and government services will resume operation gradually; However, new public safety measures and standards need to be applied and monitored to prevent another outbreak.

    1. A huge amount of resources is required to monitor people in public and private spaces.

    2. Current safety practices are time-consuming & Not Automated.

    3. Applying and complying with rules and regulations such as social distancing and wearing a mask has never been an automated process

Without tracking people in the public or commercial areas, it’s a high possibility of spreading viruses and creating infection clusters.Prevention is the key.

Businesses and the public must accept this New Normal without the availability of an effective vaccine. As such, to conform to the new public health standards and regulations, our solution is up to the task

Features of Pandemic Tracker

Comprehensive and integrated security solution using facial bio-metrics technology for:

Mask Detection

Identify people when they are wearing a mask.

Temperature Detection

Capture Body Temperature.

Social Distancing

Monitors distance between individuals are 1-2m apart.

Face Recognition

Tracing those in contact with a suspected infected person.

Fall detection

Instant Alert Trigger if a person faints – Able to receive quick assistance.

Customized Dashboard

Cloud-based Dashboard easily accessible anywhere.

Customized Dashboard

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